Why You Should Use a Guestlist When Club Promoting

If you aren’t using a guestlist during your club promoting efforts, you’re forfeiting one of the most important tools at your disposal. A guestlist will allow you to place certain people on a V.I.P. list, so they can bypass waiting in line and receive other special perks once inside. If you’re wondering how this benefits the club promoter, keep reading and I’ll explain everything you need to know about using a guestlist.

What is a Guestlist?

club vipAs the name suggests, a guestlist is a list of individuals who are expected to attend a party or event on a certain date. Most clubs already have a guestlist “template” they allow promoters to use. Depending on the specific club, this template may include such information as the individuals name, email address, Facebook URL, phone number and any other pertinent details. When you’re out hitting the streets club promoting, you can ask individuals if they want to be put on the guestlist. If they say yes, you’ll have to get all of the information deemed necessary by the club.

Some clubs don’t actually use physical guestlists anymore, but instead they allow guests to register on their website. The advantage of an online guestlist is that it’s easier to keep track of, less chance of errors, and there’s less overhead associated with them. However, the downside is that guests must take the time to get online and register, which is too more work than some people are willing to do.

Benefits of a Guestlist For Club Promoters

A guestlist isn’t always necessary when promoting a club or venue, but it does offer several benefits. You see, people want to feel and be treated special when attending a club. Even if they aren’t a celebrity, you can make them feel like it by placing their name on a guestlist. Basically, this is similar to a “V.I.P. list” in the sense that they’ll be able to bypass the waiting line and possibly even avoid some of the other fees. Just the feeling of walking past everyone and telling the bouncer at the door your name is reason enough why many partiers seek to get their names on a guestlist.

In addition to bypassing the waiting lines outside, having your name on a guestlist will also give you access to the V.I.P. lounge where only certain guests are allowed. Having special access to the V.I.P. lounge may not seem like that big of a deal, but it’s the small things like this that really make the individual feel pampered and special.

Tips on Using a Guestlist

If you intend on using a guestlist, you must first check with the club owner or manager to see what they allow. Some clubs may allow you to offer customers free V.I.P. access, while others may only allow you to give free V.I.P. access and the ability to bypass waiting in line. You don’t want to step over the toes of the club’s manager by offering guests something that’s not allowed. Remember, the club is ultimately the one who’s going to pay you, so you need to follow all of their rules and regulations.

When you’re trying to get people to sign up on your guestlist, tell them about all of the perks and advantages they’ll receive for doing so. As stated earlier, people want to be treated like royalty when they’re attending a club and a guestlist is the perfect way to do so.