What is a Club Promoter?

You’ve heard the term before, but chances are you really don’t know what a club promoter is. If you want to get the facts about this exciting and lucrative business, then keep reading as I’ll explain just who they, what they do, and how you can become one.


The term “club promoter” is used to describe a single person, or promotion company, hired by a nightclub to promote their events, such as parties, concerts, gatherings, celebrity appearances, or any other occasion. Essentially, it’s the promoters job to go around s[reading the message about an event, and get people to come through the door on the date of it.

By hiring a professional promoter, the nightclub doesn’t have to take on the extra work of getting people to attend their event. Instead, they pass this responsibility on to a promoter, and by doing so the club will likely receive a larger turnout for the event while the promoter gets paid for his or her work; it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Responsibilities of a Club Promoter – Finding People To Attend

As a club promoter, you’re primary responsibility will be to get people to come to the event. This is your ultimate goal, as you will likely be paid based on how many people show up, so always try to max this number out. However, a promoter may have other responsibilities such as hiring a DJ, band, entertainment, etc.

How Do Promoters Get People To Attend?

There are several ways to go about finding people to attend the clubs event, and promoters shouldn’t limit themselves to just one. Not long ago, club promoters were limited to spreading the word by methods such as handing out fliers and placing posters up around town. Now, with the use of the internet, promoters can send emails to their friends, tweet it, make a post on facebook, blog about it, use forums, guestbooks, press releases, etc; this list could go on and on.

Depending on how effective you are at getting the word out online, you may find that promoting online greatly trumps the old ways of advertising. However, you should still try local advertising such as fliers and newspapers, as some people simply don’t use the internet.

Club Promoter Pay and Compensation

pay and compensationHow much a club promoter gets paid is typically a price negotiated between the club owner and promoter. Once negotiated, one of the parties involved (either the club owner or promoter) will draft a legally binding contract which states how much money the promoter will be paid. Pay contracts will vary greatly. Here are a few different ways a club promoter may get paid and compensated:

  • Some clubs will pay the promoter a percentage of the admission ticket sales for the night of the event promoted. This number is usually around 10 to 30%. For example, if the total ticket sales for the night were $2000 and you get 20%, you would earn $400 for the night.
  • Other clubs may prefer to pay the promoter based on how many people they are able to get to attend (also known as a head charge), such as $4 per person. Using this pay method requires some sort of tracking to know when an attendee came from the promoter, such as a unique entry ticket or special name to give at the door.
  • Although seldom used, a club may offer the promoter a fixed pay for the event promotion, such as $500 for a nights event . This is typically only given to promoters who have already made a name for themselves, as there may not be any extra incentive for the promoter to really strive for more attendees.

Of course there are other benefits to being a club promoter besides the attractive pay. On the date of the event, you’re likely to receive special treatment, such as free V.I.P. access, free food, drinks, and many other accommodations.