Top 3 Mistakes Made By Club Promoters

Contrary to what many people believe, club promoting isn’t a “get rich quick scheme” that you can just pick up and start overnight. It takes lots of hard work, dedication, knowledge and most importantly the ability to network with others. Without any of these elements, you simply won’t have a successful club promoting business. In addition, there are a few common mistakes made by club promoters that can easily ruin a business. Here we’ll take a look at some of these mistakes and reveal why it’s important to avoid them.

Taking Too Much Time Off

mistakesThe sole reason why so many individuals fail at club promoting is because they take too much time off. When you’re working for yourself, you must have the drive to wake up early in the morning and start working. Just because you don’t necessarily have a boss or office to go to in the morning doesn’t mean you can just sleep in. If you want to succeed in club promoting, you have to treat it like any other job, which means setting your alarm for early in the morning.

Try to get yourself in the habit of waking up early every morning to begin your club promoting efforts. While you might not be able to go around town handing out flyers, chances are you could be doing one of a dozen other promotional activities. For instance, you could get online to send out Facebook messages and Tweets to potential party-goers, or you could fire up your photo editing program to crank out some new flyers.

Not Utilizing Social Media Networking Sites

Lets face it, long gone or the days of relying solely on flyers for club promoting. While this worked in the past, and it still does to some degree, social media networking sites have given club promoters a more effective way to reach potential clients and party-goers. The bottom-line is that if you aren’t using social media networking sites, you’re leaving money on the table. Take a few minutes to fire up your internet to create a Facebook, Myspace, Linked In and Twitter account. Thankfully, setting up accounts on these social media networking sites is easy, straightforward and requires no special skills or expertise.

Utilizing social media networking sites requires more than just setting up an account. Although it’s certainly a start, you’ll need to keep updating your statuses and sending out frequent Tweets if you want people to listen to you. Don’t just blast your accounts with promotional material, as you’ll come off as more of an advertisement, losing that important personal connection with your readers. Instead, create a brand for yourself and mix your feeds, Tweets and updates with both personal, business and promotional material. For instance, one night you can spread the word about the release of a new CD or track that your target demographic likes, while the next night you could send messages about the club or event.

Giving Our Incorrect Information

As a club promoter, your job is to tell potential customers when and where an event is taking place. There are countless different ways this can be accomplished, from handing out flyers to telling them in person. Whatever methods of promotion you decide on using, you must be sure that you hand out the correct information. If you tell customers and clients the wrong date or time, not only will you lose sales and money, but you’ll come off as unprofessional.

I recommend double-checking the information on all of your promotional material before handing it out to clients. Even if the club has given you a brochure with the necessary information, give their manager or owner a call to verify it. There’s nothing worse than spending a week’s worth of promotional work just to have people show up on the wrong date or time.