The Importance of Club Promoter Business Cards

If you’re serious about club promoting, you’ll need to invest in a set of professional business cards. The small cost of the design and card printing is certain to pay off in the long run. Anytime you meet someone whether it’s on the street or in the club, you can hand them a business card with your contact information on it. Of course this is just one of the many reasons why business cards are an important tool for each and every club promoter out there.

Club Promoter Business CardsThe main advantage of using business cards as a club promoter is that it allows people to always have your contact information. Now, you might be wondering why this is important. After all, people don’t need your phone number to visit the club you’re promoting, so what’s the point of handing them a business card? Lets face it, most people can’t remember what they had for lunch earlier, let alone when and where a party is. If you tell someone about a party or event in the near future, there’s a pretty good chance they will forget about. If that same person had a few drinks at the club or at a bar, then the chances of them remembering the party are even slimmer.

What Should Your Club Promoter Business Cards Include?

When you’re designing your business cards, you’ll need to make sure to include some basic information. For starters, make sure that your name and business phone number (not personal!) is clearly listed. If you don’t have a business phone number, I recommend getting one so you don’t have to hand out your personal number. There’s usually nothing wrong with giving people your personal number, but occasionally you may get some wise guy trying blow up your cell with prank calls or useless messages. To avoid this, contact your cell phone service provider and ask them to add a line onto your account. Depending on the services and how many extra minutes you want, it shouldn’t cost more than $50 per month.

Next to your name and phone number, you should have your business title listed, such as “Club Promoter” or “Dan’s Club Promotions.” If you work under a business entity, then make sure to include the name of the business on your card.

Along with the basic information listed above, your business cards need to have your social media networking accounts listed on them. In the past, this type of information wasn’t necessary, but times have changed and we must now utilize these tools to our advantage. If someone you tell about a club isn’t comfortable with picking up the phone and calling you, they may be willing to get online and visit your Facebook page. For this reason, it’s recommended that add your address/accounts for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace on your business cards. Not only does this open up another contact avenue for people to reach you, but you’ll come off as more professional with all of these social media networking sites set up

Who To Give Your Business Cards To

The trick to reaping the benefits of your business cards is to give them out to everyone you encounter. Anytime you spark up a conversation with someone at a club or bar, hand them one of your business cards and tell them a little bit about yourself. The more notoriety you have, the more money your services will be worth. When you’re out on the street trying to get people to visit the club or event you’re promoting, hand them one of your business cards and tell them contact you if they have any questions. This type of personal connection goes a long ways in making the clients feel like they’re special.