Promoting Opportunities To Expand Your Business

Music ConcertJust because your professional title is a ‘club promoter’ doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself strictly to clubs. The club scene is undeniably one of the most lucrative — if not the most lucrative — avenue of work as a promoter, but there are still other opportunities out there as well. Venturing outside of your comfortable zone into some of these alternative avenues could prove beneficial in a number of different ways.

Why Should I Promote Non-Club Venues?

Now don’t get me wrong: you can have a successful, financially rewarding career promoting only clubs. In fact, some of the world’s best promoters work take this route. So, why should you promote non-club venues? There are a couple of benefits to broadening your horizons, one of which is the ability to make yourself more known as a professional promoter (see our previous post about club promoter branding).

Of course, another reason why you should promote non-club venues is to make your money. Let’s face it, the lucrative pay is an attractive feature of the promoting industry. And by expanding your business into non-club venues, you’ll naturally increase your earning potential.

1. Music Concerts

Yep, there are literally thousands of music venues and concert events throughout the country that hire promoters to drive up their attendance. Promoting some of these concerts is a fun and financially rewarding way to make yourself known as a promoter. Besides, what other job pays you for attending concerts?

Concerts are quite similar to clubs if you think about it; they both earn revenue based on the number of attendants, and a sizable chunk of additional revenue comes in the form of alcoholic beverages. Assuming you already have experience promoting clubs, you shouldn’t have any problem with concert. Your ultimate goal is to drive more people to the venue for both clubs and concerts, but of course you’ll have to take a different approach…

2. Comedy Clubs

Promoters are also frequently hired by comedy clubs to drive up attendance. Some of the lesser known comedians struggle to create the following of more reputable and well known comedians. Even if they are on-the-floor-kicking-and-screaming hilarious, the fact is that aspiring comedians simply don’t draw the number of attendants. To help balance out the scales in their favor, comedy clubs may hire a promoter to attract more people.

Of course, comedy clubs are also similar to traditional clubs in the sense that both earn revenue through attendants and sales of alcoholic beverages. If you are interested in working as a promoter for a comedy club, don’t just call but actually visit the various clubs around your city to see whether or not they are looking for a new promoter. Club owners want to see their promoters in person before hiring them. Just remember to bring a completed resume along with you.

Boxing Match3. Sporting Events

Sporting events are yet another avenue of income for promoters. There’s little-to-no chance of promoting for large-scale sporting events such as NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, but ‘smaller’ events oftentimes hire promoters to raise their attendance. When you’re sitting around the house bored one evening, spend some time browsing through some of the smaller sporting events in your area. Make a note of their contact information and give each of them a call to see whether or not they could use your services.

Rather than promoting a sporting event, another option is to work for the actual athlete. Boxers, for instance, hire promoters to set up their matches and bring more attention. Let me warn you, though, this type of work is quite different than traditional promoting opportunities. You’ll need to learn the ropes (no pun intended) of the sport along with the business side of things. If you invest your time, effort and energy into it, working as a promoter for a professional athlete can be quite lucrative.

4. Charity Fundraisers

A fourth business opportunity for promoters is involves fundraisers. It’s not uncommon for companies and organizations to throw parties in order to raise money for charity. These parties may include food, beverages and live entertainment. But in order for them to work, fundraisers such as this rely on a high number of attendees. Of course, this is where your services come into play.

Unfortunately, you may or may not get paid working as a promoter for a charity fundraiser.

I know what you’re thinking — why should I promote an event for free? Well, promoting charity fundraisers will allow you to network other new people, which could turn into new promoting jobs in the future. And you’ll get a sense of personal satisfaction knowing that you are helping raise money for charity.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the many opportunities for promoters that doesn’t involve clubs. Venturing into some of these ‘alternative’ promoting opportunities will allow you to make more money while building a solid brand name for yourself. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your work strictly to clubs, but instead broaden your horizons through some of the opportunities listed here. Check back with us here at for more prompting opportunity ideas.