How To Find Clubs To Promote

You can read and research the club promoting industry all you want, but unless you find any clubs willing to give you work, you aren’t going to be successful. Try to think of clubs as your clients and customers, because they’re the ones who are going to hire you for your services. Unfortunately, many beginners don’t now the proper way of finding or approaching clubs in search of work. It’s not exactly an easy process and work certainly isn’t guaranteed, but there are a couple of things you can do to improve the chances getting hired by a club.

Spend Time at The Clubs

how-to-find-clubBefore you stroll up into a club asking to speak with the owner or manager about getting hired as a promoter, spend some nights checking the place out. If you enjoy the club scene and partying in general, then spending some time at the club shouldn’t be a problem for you. Just get some of your friends together and check the place out. Just be sure to dress up nice and carry yourself well. After a while, you’ll probably start to know some of the bouncers, bartenders, managers and employees by name.

Once you’re able to talk to the club’s managers on a first-name basis, try sparking up a conversation about how you could increase their amount of customers. Chances are they’ve seen you around before and realize you’re serious about the club scene. Tell the manager how you can bring in an even greater amount of people willing to spend money at the bar. After all, clubs generate most of their profit from marking up their liquor, so take advantage of this fact. If the manager thinks you’re the best person for the job, they’ll likely hire you for a single promoting job. As long as you do this first club promoting job well, you’ll likely have future promoting work available for the same club.

Scout Out New Clubs

Unfortunately, most clubs probably already have a promoter or promoting company they’re happy with, making it difficult for you to get hired. You can still go out and try to persuade them to hire you, but you’re almost certain to get more clubs telling you no than yes. If you’re running into this problem, try scouting out clubs that are in development or have just been built. There’s less of a chance that other promoters have picked up clubs that aren’t in business yet, allowing you to take their business first.

Keep your eyes peeled in the newspaper and online for any announcements for clubs in your city. When you hear of one, take a visit down there in person to talk with the owner or manager on site. Tell them you’re in the club promoting business and can greatly help them bring in more customers. As you can expect, you’re more likely to get hired by a club that doesn’t already have a promoter. This method works so well in fact that many promoters only target newly developed clubs.

Tips For Approaching Club Owners

The single most important piece of advice I can give new promoters is to approach club owners with full confidence. Even if you aren’t successful and established, you should still act like it. If you look or sound like you’re an amateur, shy or don’t know your away around the club scene, there’s not a single good club out there who will hire you. On the other hand, if you walk into the conversation full of confidence and charisma, you’ll find more clubs begging you to promote for them.

Creating a club promoter resume can also help you land new gigs. Just create a resume like you would for any other job and include such information as your past work experience, responsibilities, skills, education and any club promoting work you’ve done. When you go to talk to club owners and managers, bring it with you to show them. Club promoting is a competitive field, but most owners are more likely to hire someone with a resume than someone without one.