Guy and Girl Ratios While Club Promoting

If you’re experienced in the club and partying scene, you’ve probably noticed how unbalanced some of the guy to girl ratios can be at certain clubs. Personally, I’ve been to some clubs where I would literally see one girl for every ten guys. As you can image, this creates a disastrous situation that no one wants to be in, not even the few girls roaming the club. As a promoter, it’s your job to help balance the scales and create a more attractive girl to guy ratio. When there’s a more balanced ratio, it not only benefits those attending the club, but it also benefits the club and you the promoter.

Guy Girl RatioWhy a Balanced Girl To Guy Ratio Is Important

Lets face it, a lot of people visit clubs and parties to meet people of the opposite sex. After all, going to a club gives you the opportunity to talk, dance and open up to people that you otherwise would never meet. In order to allow this interaction to happen, there needs to be a somewhat balanced ratio of guys and girls at the club. If there are too many guys and not enough girls, the guys at the club won’t be able to have the type of interaction they seek.

Not only does a balanced girl to guy ratio improve the overall atmosphere and interaction between the customers at a club, but it also increases spending, which is something that the club owner and promoting should be trying to accomplish. When everyone in the club is happy, people will be more willing to spend money on drinks and food. As you probably know, the majority of clubs make most of their money on liquor and drink sales.

A balanced girl to guy ratio doesn’t necessarily mean that you have try and achieve a perfect 1:1. Of course this would be the ideal solution, but this simply isn’t going to happen 99% of the time. If you can bring 2 girls to a club for every 3 guys, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re doing good.

Tips on Achieving a Balanced Girl To Guy Ratio

A lot of newcomers to club promoting might assume that marketing to an equal number of guys and girls is the best way to achieve a balanced ratio at the club. However, you have to factor in the fact that most girls will automatically bring some guys with them to the club. This is just the nature of clubbing and how it usually works. Because of this, it’s recommended that you try to focus some of your time promoting solely to females, as they will inevitably bring guys with them.

It’s actually good for the promoter when a girl brings a guy or two with her to the club. Just think, if you’re able to bring in 300 girls who bring two guys with each of them, that’s a total of 900 people showing up!

The best way to promote strictly to the female crowd is to get to know some of the ones who frequently go clubbing. Don’t be afraid to go up and introduce yourself to a group of girls lounging around at the club. It may seem intimidating at first, but this is something that you’ll frequently need to do if you want to meet new people and succeed as a club promoter.